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arcon glass for bathrooms

Hygienic and easy to clean

Domestic bathrooms often have to fulfil more than their basic functions. Many home-owners want their bathrooms to house a wellness centre with all manner of facilities such as sauna, whirlpool etc. In addition a feeling of wellbeing, elegance, functionality and easy-to-clean materials are important. Glass meets all of these criteria. Thanks to its homogeneous surface, glass is both hygienic and easy to clean. It has stood for elegance since it was invented. The transparency and wide expanses of glass make people feel comfortable. Whether screen-printed, coloured or classically transparent, glass is an important design element in bathrooms.

From shower screens to glass bathtubs

The list of classical applications in bathrooms, e.g. partition walls and shower screens, washbasins and mirrors, is constantly expanding. Tiles, wash stands or the entire bathtub – glass changes a bathroom. And in the kitchen too, classic tiles can be replaced with elegant glass surfaces. Thanks to our many years of experience, arcon is your ideal partner for realising new ideas.  

Safety plays a big role in bathrooms. Shower screens and tiles must be resistant to shocks and impacts, unbreakable and sturdy. In order to prevent accidents, arcon offers customised solutions employing tempered safety glass to satisfy these requirements throughout the bathroom.  

Glass for bathrooms can be sealed with the colour-neutral coating aqualite. This makes the glass surface more water-repellent and perceptibly smoother.

arcon products for bathrooms

Safety glass

  Thanks to the unique manufacturing process, arcon-dur safety glass is more resistant to bending fractures, as well as to shocks and impact; it has higher temperature-resistance, and is less dangerous if destruction occurs, as the glass breaks up into grains. All our types of safety glass can be manufactured according to customer specifications, including milling and drilling to extremely tight tolerances. What‘s more, our bathroom glass undergoes a fully- automated, elaborate and reliable quality check.

Screen printing

Safety glass printed using serigraphy (screen-printing) is a decorative design element that contributes to a truly marvellous bathroom. Thanks to the wide variety of possible colours and motifs, you can give your bathroom a highly individual look. During the manufacturing process, flat or curved tempered safety glass is printed with ceramic paints. Multicolour and dual frit printing are also possible.

Here‘s why architects and builders choose arcon glass in the bathroom

The arcon-dur product range covers the entire spectrum of highly-processed glass. The glass fits perfectly into the mounts or hinges. The following types of basic glass are available: float glass, low-irong glass, bronze, gray and green body tinted glass and frosted glass. The tempered safety glass can also be screen-printed with ceramic paint. Innovative design and the customer’s individual tastes are our priority.  

The whole production process is focused on a single location in Germany, allowing arcon to respond quickly and flexibly to individual customers‘ wishes and offer a one-stop solution. arcon is your ideal partner for new product development.  

The facility at Feuchtwangen (Bavaria) enables us to offer our customers short delivery times and shipping as well as a high quality production. Our on-site consultancy saves time and money, and optimises the planning and realisation of projects.  

Clients worldwide appreciate the reliability in planning achievable through the combination of various products and through arcon‘s dependable delivery. Many years of experience in the sanitary sector make arcon a reliable partner.

The main advantages of arcon glass for bathrooms

aqualite coating

aqualite coating, water-repellent with a perceptibly smoother glass surface


Innovative designs with screen-printed and body tinted tempered safety glass; a large selection of colours and patterns


Cost and time savings thanks to competent advice


Short delivery times thanks to a one-stop solution


High-quality products made in Germany
Extremely low tolerances for optimum seal tightness
Complex processing