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arcon glass for residential glazing


Saving energy – comfortably

Two main factors contribute to a healthy indoor climate and a sense of wellbeing: the façade of a building, and the windows. Saving energy by insulation with a Ug value of between 0.6 and 1.1 W/m²K and targeted use or avoidance of the interior being heated up by the sun are the two challenges that today‘s quality special glass has to overcome.  

In nearly all buildings, e.g. sports halls, but also in residential buildings, the issue of window glass safety is becoming more and more important. Different kinds of safety must be considered here: safety where there is a danger of people falling out, the prevention of breakage and safety in the event of breakage, and burglary prevention.  

Screen-printed glass represents a decorative element for planners and architects that gives them new opportunities to realise their creative ideas. The combination of different properties of glass opens up many new horizons.

arcon products for residential glazing

Heat insulation glass

arcon heat insulation or „low-e“ = low-emission coatings with a Ug value between 0,6 and 1,1 W/m²K are an important component in helping reduce buildings‘ energy consumption and heat the rooms using the sun‘s infrared rays. The coating can be applied to nearly all glass used for architectural purposes.

Solar control glass

The latest in coating technology ensures that less total energy is allowed through, while light transmission remains high. sunbelt solar control coatings can be applied to nearly all types of glass used for architectural purposes.

Safety glass

The installation of windows, particularly for special uses like conservatories, combine the technical and aesthetic properties of ESG. arcon-dur safety glass (tempered safety glass ESG and heat-strengthened glass TVG) combines aesthetics, function and safety, and the manufacturing technique makes it more temperature-resistant, shock- and impact-proof, resistant to bending fractures and less dangerous than normal float glass, as ESG forms grains in the event of destruction. At the customer‘s request, these types of glass can also be fitted with a built-in alarm as an effective protection against burglary.

Screen printing

arcon-dur tempered safety glass can be screen-printed with ceramic paints. It is weatherproof, abrasion- and scratchproof, acid- and leach-resistant, temperature-proof, impact-proof and stable in UV light. So-called dual-frit screen printing, also known as congruent serigraphy, can be used to obtain a different colour effect depending on whether the glass is viewed from the outside or the inside. There are no limits to the versatility here: patterns and motifs can be printed on to both flat and curved safety glass for use either indoors or outdoors.

That‘s why architects and building clients choose arcon glass

With its newly-developed topview glass, arcon has revolutionised the production of toughened glass. With topview, which is available as toughened glass and heat-strengthened glass, hitherto unavoidable, annoying double refraction, so-called anistropy, is now largely ruled out, and windows can be glazed with toughened glass without visible irisations like stripes, spots and rings.  

arcon is one of the few suppliers to offer special glass like ESG with a combination of screen printing and solar control function.  

Short coating cycles enable arcon to realise projects quickly and individually. In addition to our high-quality production, this includes efficient planning in cooperation with the customer as well as good packaging and transport. Personal advice ensures a high level of customer satisfaction.  

With a Ug value adapted to the project of 0.6 to 1.1 W/m²K, the heat insulation or low-e glass offers excellent energy efficiency. Heat from the room doesn‘t get outside the building on cold days, even with large window surfaces, and in addition, the sun‘s energy is used effectively.

The main advantages of arcon glass for residential glazing


Personal, property-specific advice


Wide range of products

Energy efficiency

Heat transmission coefficient of 0.6 to 1.1 W/m²K

Effective solar benefits

through high g values suitable for passive houses


Low interior reflections


Fast and reliable delivery, also for single panes