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What is Solar Control Glass?

Solar control glass is specially treated glass which is designed to keep building interiors comfortable by preventing the buildup of solar heat. Solar control glass allows for extensive use of glass in building design and construction while dramatically reducing the need for expensive air-conditioning or obtrusive window blinds. Solar control glass is increasingly used in home and commercial buildings.

How is Solar Control Glass Made?

Glass sheets are coated with microscopically thin layers of special solar control coating using a magnetron sputtering method. Magnetron sputtering is performed in a vacuum chamber, where noble gas ions are accelerated and fired at metal targets. Atoms become dislodged and condense in a thin layer on the surface of the glass. The solar control coating is deposited atom by atom to achieve a precision layered coating. sunbelt solar control coatings are up to 15 layers thick, but still thinner than a human hair. The solar control coatings can be applied to clear glass or glass with body tint.

How Does Solar Control Glass Work?

When sunlight (solar energy) shines onto any material, such as glass, the solar energy is managed by three distinct mechanisms: reflectance, absorptance and transmittance. Reflectance describes the material's ability to reflect solar energy, thus not allowing it to pass through. Absorptance refers to the material's ability to absorb solar energy. Transmittance is the material's ability to let solar energy pass through it.

Solar control glass is coated with special materials which reflect the infrared (IR) portions of solar energy, and absorb the ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths. By reflecting the IR component of the sun's light, solar control glass reduces the amount of heat that flows into the interior of the building. By absorbing the UV component of the sun's light, solar control glass protect interiors from fading, and protect people from the harmful components of natural sunlight. Solar control glass windows can also reduce unpleasant glare, while still allowing for optimum transmission of natural light into the building's interior.

What are the Benefits of Solar Control Glass?

  • High transmittance for optimal use of natural daylight on overcast or cloudy days
  • Low total energy transmittance to reduce heat due to direct sunlight in the summer
  • High thermal insulation to optimize heat retention in the cold winter
  • Highly neutral glass to allow maximum enjoyment of natural light
  • Reduces overall heating and cooling costs in home or commercial buildings

What types of Solar Control Glass Products are Available?

arcon employs high performance sunbelt solar control coatings to offer a broad range of glass products. sunbelt solar control coatings can be applied to virtually any type of architectural glass up to 15 mm thick, clear or tint dyed in the smelt:

  • float glass
  • tempered safety glass
  • printed tempered safety glass
  • enameled tempered safety glass
  • alarm tempered safety glass
  • heat strengthened glass
  • laminated safety glass
  • several types of ornamental glass

Architectural Applications of Solar Control Glass

Onyx Hotel Hamburg Reeperbahn

It was big news for Hamburg when the first musical themed hotel in Germany, the Onyx Hotel at Reeperbahn opened in 2012 with a flourish of elegance and awe. With a sweeping modern geometry and striking irregular towers, the Onyx Hotel uses arcon Solar Control glass to maximum effect. Architect Hadi Teherani, of the Hamburg architecture firm Bothe Richter Teherani, deliberately designed the Onyx Hotel with a clean, dark elegance which contrasts the busy hustle and bustle of the Reeperbahn district. The fascinating twin 75 and 85 meter glass and steel towers stand adjacent to the 8 storey hotel wing which contains the music venue and theater. With its sleek, elegant black glass facades and unusual geometry, the Onyx Hotel brings a new character to the famous Reeperbahn district, and has become a destination for musical performances and discerning travellers. To create the incredible dark, geometric glass facades, the architect has employed arcon Solar Control glass which has been silkscreen printed with dark tinting which creates a stunning unique effect. Of special interest is the effect of high performance glass tinting to create privacy for hotel guests while allowing for incredible use of natural light. The use of Solar Control glass allows the architect to achieve the ambitious visual design while emphasizing efficiency and optimizing climate control.

Gibraltar Airport

The brand new Gibraltar Airport terminal was opened amidst fanfare in 2011, showcasing the best in modern glass and steel architecture and design. With an elegant and restrained style, the architect has created a clean, harmonious design which features classic glass and steel elements, and reflects the rugged, powerful forms of the landscape of Gibraltar. With the striking silvery rocky terrain and nearby seascapes, the design calls for strong lines and neutral hues which enhance rather than detract from the stunning natural setting. With the use of arcon Solar Control glass in subtle, understated neutral tones, the architect’s design has achieved a beautiful, balanced form and aspect that blends elegantly with the rugged beauty of Gibraltar, while still making a statement of modern sophistication. The overall design allows for increased auto and pedestrian traffic while adding a modern, majestic look to the environment. The sunny weather and often hot climate of the locale require intensive focus on climate control, especially in buildings which rely so heavily on glass elements. By employing arcon Solar Control glass, the architect has achieved optimal climate control. Solar Control glass products reduce the degree of heating indoors due to the sun, as well as reducing damaging UV radiation, and unpleasant sun glare. The overall effect is a stunningly sophisticated, understated, gorgeous construction that enhances the natural splendor of beautiful Gibraltar.

C & A Saarbrücken, solar control glass sunbelt scandic
solar control glass sunbelt scandic made by arcon
solar control glass sunbelt scandic - church in Dietenhofen
solar control glass sunbelt ocean and scandic - facade glass for the classic car museum Ulm
solar control glass sunbelt arctis - shopping center in Rimini, Italy