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what is glass serigraphy

To achieve an unlimited array of unique and custom glass designs, arcon glass offers arcon-dur serigraphy tempered glass. Serigraphy, sometimes called screen printing or silkscreening, is a technique for applying color or ink to a material’s surface. Glass serigraphy is the process by which designs are screen printed onto glass using a special ceramic glaze composition, known as “frit.” Unlike screen print ink, frit contains glass, and must be heat fired to mature. Frit is a special ceramic material like a paint or glaze made with minute glass granules. Frit forms the basis of the serigraphy glazes which are heat-fused to safety glass in the tempering process. A single-frit serigraphy glass uses only a single color which appears the same on both sides of the glass. By using a clever double-frit serigraphy application, the color of the decoration will vary depending on whether the glass is viewed from the inside or the outside of the window or glass element. The serigraphy screen printing process allows for virtually unbounded creativity in the appearance of glass for commercial and home applications, and gives designers the ability to achieve incredible effects using glass as a creative medium. arcon-dur serigraphy creates an integrated and durable effect in the glass itself, and offers designers the opportunity to create nearly any imaginable visual designs in outdoor or indoor glass elements. 

how is arcon-dur serigraphy glass made

arcon-dur serigraphy glass is produced using a screen printing method which deposits ceramic colors directly onto a specified glass product. The ceramic
material, known as frit, is precisely applied to the surface of untempered glass. The serigraphy application can be simple or complex, and include single or
multiple color elements. After the completed serigraph, or silk screen, is applied, the glass is then fired to 650 degrees celsius and quickly cooled with chilled
air. The result is a tempered safety glass with permanent, integrated printing or decoration. Unlike other surface printed decoration methods, arcon-dur serigraphy is permanently fused with the glass itself, and allows for bold or subtle effects which will endure for the lifetime of the glass

advantages of arcon-dur serigraphy glass

arcon-dur serigraphy glass is a unique decorated tempered safety glass which is highly resistant to impact, thermal stress, UV light damage, weather, and chemical wear due to acid or alkaline conditions. Because the decoration is burnt into the glass during the heat tempering process, the serigraphy details will never wear off or fade over time due to environmental stressors. This means that designs can be as subtle or bold, simple or complex as designers intend, and will not lose their visual appeal over time. arcon-dur serigraphy can be applied in single or multiple colors, and custom blends are possible. With double-frit applications, the color of the serigraphed design will appear different when the view is from the outside or inside of the glass. The possibilities with arcon-dur serigraphy are virtually limitless, and enduring. 


arcon-dur serigraphy glass can be used for both indoor or outdoor applications in commercial or home projects. Examples range from decorated balcony glazing and glass balustrades to custom panelling and partitions to integrated labels or signage. Serigraphy is a perfect solution for custom decorated glass facades, windows, and doors, as well as interior screens and wall surfaces. Because serigraphy is applied to heat tempered safety glass, the material is durable, easy to maintain, and safe for use in areas where cleanliness and safety are important, such as medical offices, restaurants, or high-traffic customer service/retail areas. arcon-dur serigraphy glass is also perfect for beautiful bath and spa installations, and frequent application of cleaning products will not harm the serigraphy because it is fully fused with the glass. Imagine any standard commercial or home application, and serigraphy can add virtually any image, color, texture, pattern, text, or design to the glass. 

available colors 

arcon-dur serigraphy glass is available in a full array of standard colors. Multi-color printing and custom color blending are possible, too. By using double-frit serigraphy, designers can create unique effects in which the color of the screened image will vary depending on whether the glass is viewed from inside or outside. Because these colors are fully fused with heat tempered safety glass, arcon-dur serigraphy colors will not fade or corrode due to outside stressors such as scratching, erosion, UV-light, acidic or alkaline conditions, or weathering. 

examples of arcon-dur serigraphy glass in projects:

Ramsar Zentrum, Hochmoor Schrems Nature Park, Schrems, Austria

With a playful and elegant touch, architects make great use of arcon-dur serigraphy glass to create a larger-than-life view of the unique wildlife inhabitants of the surrounding peat bog environs. As a nature park and interpretive center, the glass intensive building focuses on both harmony with the natural environment and innovative design. By cleverly employing glass as a creative construction medium, designers are able to draw viewer attention to the wonders of the delicate and complex ecosystem, and remind visitors that nature is full of special and exciting discoveries. The stunning storey-high clear glass facade creates a canvas for a brilliant serigraphy illustration of leaping frogs and crawling salamanders, securely immortalized like a black-and-white photo print in flawless tempered window glass.

St. Bonifatius Church, Dietenhofen, Germany

In the small city of Dietenhofen, some 30km west of Nuremberg, Germany, stands a spectacular modern example of contemporary architecture in the form of the stunning St. Bonifatius Church. With its striking elliptical form and almost exclusively glass walls, the construction is at once both breathtaking and inspiring. Opened and consecrated in 2009, the St. Bonifatius Church has a unique geometric form and distinctive appearance that creates a vast and contemplative inner space. With custom glass serigraphy, glass panels form the expansive walls and provide a peaceful interior light. The elliptical form creates a beautifully illuminated glass wall without corners or angles, and gives the vast interior space an air of unity and lightness. The glass serigraphy design of organic horizontal bands subtly softens and colors the natural light, and adds to a feeling of stillness and calm. With text inscribed in the glass serigraphy, and special inclusion of contrasting colored glass panels, the overall design is both subtle and grand. Among the great numbers of picturesque churches in Bavaria, the contemporary glass intensive St. Bonifatius Church is a modern treasure that provides a beautiful place of worship and inspiration for visitors from near and far.

about arcon glass company

For over 30 years, arcon glass has been one of the of the leading providers of high-quality glass. Our products range from top-of-the-line thermal insulation glass coatings and solar control glass coatings, to highest quality anisotropic heat tempered glass to beautiful glass serigraphy. arcon glass products are found in use in many spectacular facilities including the velodrome of the Olympic games in Athens, the Barcelona Airport, and the Palace of Justice in Luxembourg.

innovative glass solutions and excellent service

As member of the Arnold Glas group of companies, arcon glass is in a position to create synergies to help customers achieve solutions for virtually any glass application. This allows arcon glass to create solutions in glass that go beyond arcon’s own product line. With centralized production in only two locations, arcon glass can concentrate on direct customer contact and efficient service for customers in Germany and abroad. 



arcon-dur serigraphy glass made by arcon: School in Schmitten, Swiss
arcon-dur glass serigraphy: Ramsar Zentrum, Hochmoor Schrems Nature Park, Schrems, Austria
glass serigraphy made by arcon: KGW in Salzburg, Austria
glass serigraphy: dental university Norway
glass serigraphy: St. Bonifatius Church, Dietenhofen, Germany