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What is safety glass?

Safety glass is glass which has been treated to resist breakage and to be rendered safer in the event of an actual break.  There are several common approaches to creating safety glass, including so-called “toughened” or heat tempered glass, contact laminated glass, and wire mesh glass.  arcon produces heat tempered safety glass which has the advantage of maintaining its intrinsic optical clarity and color, unlike typical contact laminated or wire mesh glass.

Safety glass is typically used in a variety of applications where the risk of breakage creates extreme hazards, such as passenger vehicle windows, eyewear glasses, diving goggle lens glasses, shower door glass and glass tabletops.  Within the frame of prescription glasses, each lens is made of safety glass.  Sports and safety eyewear also uses safety glass for each lens, and is cut to fit the frame for added safety and resistance to shattering.  Additionally, safety glass is widely used for architectural, residential, and industrial applications.

Unlike standard float glass, arcon’s safety glass is heat-treated to improve the protective safety properties of the glass. The result is a safety glass product which is highly resistant to potential breakage due to impact, bending, heat, or shocks. In the event that safety glass products do break, they are designed to shatter into small, neat grains which greatly reduce the risk of cuts from the dangerous shards and splinters found in non-treated standard glass fractures.

how is arcon safety glass made?

arcon-dur safety glass products are manufactured using a special heat shock process. Glass is quickly heated to 650° C in just a few seconds, and then suddenly chilled with cold air. This process creates a state of stress in the glass, whereby the core of the safety glass is held under a state of tensile stress, and the surface is under compressive stress. These opposing stresses in the glass create a product which is highly resistant to heat, bending fractures, shocks, and impact. arcon-dur safety glass is produced to the national and European standards for safety glass.

why choose arcon safety glass?

arcon safety glass products combine the best attributes of safety glass-attractive appearance, function, and increased safety requirements. arcon offers a wide variety of tempered safety glass products for your needs, including architectural and facades, home and residential glazing, vehicle construction, sanitary, industrial, and indoor applications. arcon-dur safety glass is produced to standard national and European requirements. arcon is certified according to ISO 9001:2008, and all arcon manufacturing, handling, and installation processes are designed to ensure quality and reliability you can depend on.

arcon-dur safety glass for vehicle construction

The importance of attractive, durable, high performance safety glass in vehicles cannot be overstated. Safety glass provides essential visibility to drivers, enhances the quality experience of passengers, and gives aesthetic appeal to the overall vehicle. In vehicle and ship construction, it's clear that safety glass is an incredibly important, versatile material due to its transparency, durability, and different possible installation capabilities. arcon glass provides safety glass that is both technically and visually superior, and enhances the safety and optical appeal of vehicles. By producing to high protective and safety standards, arcon glass ensures safety glass products that are entirely suitable for vehicle and ship construction applications. arcon-dur safety glass (tempered safety glass ESG and heat strengthened glass TVG) combine visual appeal, safety, and function, and fulfills the relevant safety standards.

what are the production capabilities for arcon-dur safety glass?

arcon-dur safety glass can be produced in the following types, thicknesses, and dimensions:

Flat tempered safety glass: 4-19mm thick, min 200 x 250 mm to max 2,800 x 6,000 mm.

Flat heat strengthened glass: 4-12mm thick, min 200 x 250 mm to max 2,800 x 6,000 mm.

Printed tempered safety glass: 4-12mm thick, min 200 x 250 mm to max 2,800 x 6,000 mm.

safety glass for indoor applications

When it comes to indoor glass for new home or commercial installations, safety is always an important consideration.  Glass is an incredible and versitile material to use for indoor design and functionality, whether it's at home, at the office, or even in a medical practice.  It is clear that glass is easy to clean, creates a light, modern aesthetic, and lends itself to an unlimited array of possibilities.  With the added durability and safety features of arcon-dur safety glass, arcon glass products offer greater possibilities for new glass design elements in home and commercial installations.  Consider safety glass for reception counters, clear or semi-transparent walls, tiles, or even kitchen tiles.  To prevent accidents, safety glass is a great option for installations in the bath and kitchen or other potentially slippery living spaces.  Safety glass can also be rendered semi-opaque to provide privacy, and is appropriate for use in shower areas, or to improve indoor lighting in commercial spaces while still maintaining privacy in meeting and office rooms. 

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