Photomeric Calculations

„Voll G(l)as“ with arcon

arcon introduced the company with this motto on 22nd of September 2019 on the 67th festive procession, that happened under the motto „Fiuhctinwanc formerly Feuchtwagen today - 1200 years Feuchtwangen“.

The anniversary of the city was celebrated this year on the so called “Mooswiesen”-Sunday, that is special for the Franconian Feuchtwangen.

Beside the several societies that attented to recall the history of Feuchtwangen, this year also the companies that shape the city in its present form were invited. One of them is the company arcon, which also participated with a float at the parade. This float was decorated by trainees with flowers, bows and branches and equiped with two glass panes that were produced especially for the parade. The arcon logo can be seen on both panes, and this is particularly well accentuated through the chosen Decochrom-coating (with screen print on the back side) on low-iron glass. Furthermore a seating accommodation was established on the float from which the trainees spread sweets to young and old.

The community of trainees was steadied and strengthened through the preparations in advance and the joint participation during the parade. The ideas and suggestions of each individual could be pursued and implemented through good communication and mutual support. We look back happily and gratefully on the procession and are glad to have been there.