Photomeric Calculations

On the occasion of the 21st soccer world championship in Russia this year, arcon conducted an online soccer betting game for all customers and business partners. The top-quality first prize to be won was a high-quality and excellently equipped mountain e-bike. Second and third place were awarded generously with a team set of training clothes for soccer players and a set of footballs. The winning companies were invited to sponsor the prizes to their local junior soccer teams.

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arcon decochrome oHT – mirror-like lustre in chrome

arcon decochrome oHT is an innovative solution for decorative facades and interior glazing. arcon decochrome oHT is a chrome-based coating which can be used as non-toughened float glass or thermally toughened (tempered /heat-strengthened) safety glass. Additionally, arcon decochrome oHT is available as laminated safety glass.

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