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arcon glass for industrial applications

Glass solutions for new applications

arcon develops solutions that go well beyond the normal standard in some cases, or use glass in areas where it hadn‘t been used before. This calls for experienced developers and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. Both can be taken for granted at arcon – this is how new solutions for customized applications emerge.

Examples of new applications using arcon glass are manifold and can be found in many different  branches of industry. One example are shower panels for bathrooms developed to the customer specifications. This is one area where glass is gradually replacing the hitherto predominant material metal: glass simply offers many more design options (full and partial transparency, translucence and lighting).

In mechanical engineering, too, glass plays a role, as can be seen from the example of tempered safety glass with antistatic coating used as a machine housing. Especially when equipping semiconductor plates at high speeds and in extreme cleanroom conditions, electralite ES 5000 is often used. This antistatic coating is also applied to thin plastic sheets that serve as office chair pads. It prevents electrostatic charges that otherwise result from the interaction of plastic wheels with the floor.

Heatable glass and alarm systems

There is a wide variety of applications for heatable glass. These include climate test chambers for environmental simulations with extreme temperature discrepancies, de-misters to prevent condensation, or even bathroom radiators made of designer glass. Alarm systems with arcon glass provide a smooth transition to architecture. An alarm sensor is applied to the tempered safety glass using the screen printing process. If the outer pane of tempered safety glass is destroyed, an alarm is sounded.

Why corporate clients choose arcon

Products for industrial applications are almost exclusively developed by our engineers according to customer specifications. Special types of safety glass are made to fit a specific application. And arcon usually provides a customised solution for the coatings as well. Prototypes enable clients to make sure that the products match their requirements before starting series production. Flexible manufacturing processes agreed with the customer result in precisely-fitting glass products for industrial applications.

Shopping malls as an example

When foodstuffs are placed behind glass doors or glass covers, it is not only for reasons of hygiene. The objective is to save energy. For this application we have adopted a solution in glass from architectural use. Instead of gaining warm air by heating the building, it is more efficient to retain cold air inside the fridge and prevent it from escaping into the supermarket hall. The perfect solution for this is arcon electralite EP20.


Compared with standard float glass, arcon-dur safety glass is more resistant to temperature, more resistant to bending breakages, shocks and impact, and also less dangerous in the event of destruction, as the glass then breaks up into grains. This makes it indispensable in industrial applications.

The main advantages of arcon glass for industrial applications

Customised product solutions

Product development for customised solutions thanks to comprehensive glass engineering  

Creativity and flexibility when interpreting your customer’s ideas  

Development of possible solutions  

Prototype manufacturing

Diverse production options

Extensive manufacturing options for series production