Decorative design element on flat and curved tempered safety glass

arcon-dur decoprint is a tempered safety glass that is decorated with ceramic colours using the serigraphic printing process. The colour is burnt in during the tempering process at 650°C, bonding it permanently to the glass. arcon-dur decoprint is weather-proof, abrasion-proof and scratch-resistant, resistant to acids and lyes, UV-stable, resistant to thermal stress, and impact resistant. There is practically no limit to its versatility.

Siebdruck auf Glas


arcon-dur decoprint can be used both outdoors and indoors, e.g. as a glass balustrade, for balcony glazing, panelling, partitions, screens, labels or warning signs..

An array of colours

At present there is a choice of 20 standard colours. The colour specification is only similar to RAL; it is not possible to define the colour according to RAL exactly because of the colour of the glass itself and the production process. It is also technically possible to create many individual colour mixtures.





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