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Mature know-how

arcon started development and production of thin layer low-e coatings back in 1980. Since then, arcon's own innovative drive has resulted in continuous on-going development of technologies and products. Today arcon views itself as a supplier of top-quality products in the field of coated architectural glass types, such as high-performance low-e coatings, solar control coatings, special glass types for architecture and high-quality tempered safety glass.


With an eye to mutual success

The success achieved by arcon and its customers is shaped by a clear corporate philosophy based on four main principles: Development and technology, extremely intensive contact and exchange with our customers in Germany and other countries, and optimal service with maximum flexibility.

Quality, product diversity and service

arcon offers a broad array of highly-effective magnetron coatings on all possible base glass types: from float glass to laminated glass, dyed glass types and various tempered safety glass types. By concentrating production at two locations inside Germany (Feuchtwangen and Jena) we are able to offer our customers a level of service that far exceeds what is usual in the industry. In conjunction with Glaswerke Arnold – of which arcon is also a member – we are also able to offer products and services even beyond the scope of our own production capabilities.