Photomeric Calculations

Online calculation of photometric data for
insulating glass units


The program provided by arcon on its homepage enables you to quickly calculate the photometric and radiometric data for insulating glass units with arcon coatings from the comfort of your workplace at any time. The clearly arranged results can then be saved as PDFs, archived, printed out and forwarded to your customers by e-mail. Two families of standards are implemented in the calculation program. You can click on the relevant index page to calculate the specific values required:

Europe (EN410, EN673, EN12898) and regions that are geared to European standards:

USA (NFRC100, 200, 300) and regions that are geared to American standards.

Please click on “Run”.

The calculation program occasionally opens behind a window and only a white screen can be seen. If this happens, please minimise the white window and bring the calculation program into the foreground.

It is not possible to print out the calculated values directly. You must first create the PDF document and then print this out.

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