Photomeric Calculations

Four new sunbelt types to cover every need: flexible, colour neutral and quickly available.

Is it possible to reinvent solar control glass? Most certainly: it is now possible to cover the entire range of architecture with just four different coating variants. This revolutionary solution is the brainchild of arcon, which has launched a new product range: the sunbelt A-Series: A70, A60, A50 and A40. The products are categorized according to light transmittance percentage. All layers are designed in both temperable and non-temperable versions, either in stock sheets or final cut-to-size. Despite their different characteristics, these new sunbelt coatings are visually harmonized, allowing them to be installed alongside each other. That is also a novelty in the glass industry.

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The Summit of Energy Efficiency

The Berchtesgaden National Park is Germany’s only high alpine nature reserve, covering 210 square kilometers. Aside from promoting environmental protection in this unique southeastern Bavarian region, environmental research and information is offered to visitors interested in the local flora and fauna. The Bavarian government invested 15 million euros in an environmental information center too, known as “House of the Mountains / Haus der Berge”. Here, special sunscreen glass from arcon is being used to enhance the building energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.       

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